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OldMastersOnline is a trading name of Fine Art Reproductions Ltd. We are a small, specialist family run business.

We started working in the Art business just over 20 years ago marketing original paintings via mail-order and at art sales in various locations across the UK.

Most of the artworks that we marketed at the time were original contemporary paintings but we also commissioned painted reproductions of many older and more famous artworks - reproduced from our library of antique out-of-copyright prints that we started building at the time.

Despite the high cost of commissioning high quality painted works (still the same situation today), they proved popular with many of our customers.

The emergence of high quality Giclée printing a few years ago, provided us with the opportunity to produce very high quality reproduction artworks on traditional canvas material - making the world's famous masterpieces available for many more people to enjoy for a fraction of the previous cost.

We started marketing our Old Masters on the Internet in 2004 and today we have thousands of customers across the world.

The entire world of Art is fascinating, stimulating and diverse. Contemporary art is an exciting, challenging and dynamic area but there is something very special about Old Master paintings. These are the works of art that have really stood the test of time - works that, in some cases many hundreds of years after they were painted, are still regarded as masterpieces.

As well as demonstrating the immense skill of the artists and painters of years gone by, Old Masters capture the history of their time and convey it to us in a unique and absorbing way.

In a world that existed before the invention of photography, these paintings were the precious medium used to visually communicate important images of the people, ideas and events of the time.

King Henry VIII of England famously sent Hans Holbein (The Younger) to Europe to paint a potential bride, Anne of Cleves. When he saw the resulting painting he immediately decided to marry her - just one example of how art changed the course of history!

Today our Old Masters represent an historic catalogue of some of the most compelling images ever produced - now available for everyone to enjoy!


We digitally retouch our digital images before printing to ensure that the quality of the reproduction is as close to the original as possible.

In many instances, this can be a major challenge as the original work of art may be hundreds of years old and be in very poor condition.

Our general policy is to remove obvious blemishes where it is possible to do so without affecting the overall integrity. Where we cannot remove marks, lines, varnish marks or other blemishes without visibly altering the representation of the original work of art, we do not attempt to do so.

Overwhelmingly we seek not to comprise the original work by stylising it. We seek to ensure that your ‘Old Master’ is as close a representation of the original work as it possibly can be.

The term 'giclée' derived from the French term ‘to-spray’, was coined to differentiate this type of fine-art print from prints produced using a conventional printing process.

Giclée prints are produced using a far wide range of coloured inks than conventional prints producing truly vibrant, accurate colour reproductions with wide tonal ranges.

They can also be produced on traditional media, such as canvas - previously impossible without using expensive screen-printing techniques.

Further information regarding Giclee printing is available here.

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